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We make relevant films with attitude – for entertainment!

if…Productions was founded in year 2007 by Ingo Fliess to be an independent film production company for fiction and non-fictional films. The former CEO of the “Verlag der Autoren” (one of the most renowned screenwriter agency) and the “Filmautoren AG” puts his trust in the authors. His philosophy is supporting their attitude, to get individual and personal access to subjects and stories.

With international successful documentaries like EL BULLI – COOKING IN PROGRESS, HOW TO MAKE A BOOK WITH STEIDL or MY WAY TO OLYMPIA and ELTERNSCHULE, if…productions made a name for itself. With films such as the multiple award-winning EIN GESCHENK DER GÖTTER (screenplay & director: Oliver Haffner), WACKERSDORF (screenplay: Gernot Krää & Oliver Haffner, director: O. Haffner) and I WAS, I AM, I WILL BE (screenplay: Nils Mohl & Ilker Çatak, director I. Çatak – Lola in Bronze at the German Film Awards 2020), if… has also presented itself as a producer of relevant fiction films.

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