Birds Eye View


Co-Production with SWR und BR

Funded by FFF Bayern, DFFF, FFA

Sales: Filmperlen


A documentary- and nature-film with Dr Norbert Schäffer, Chairman of the Landesbund für Vogelschutz in Bayern (LBV). Through his work we get insights into the fascinating world of birds and experience how it works: species and nature conservation in action.

Birds have always fascinated people, and Norbert Schäffer knows them better than anyone else. He is a special kind of conservationist: with focus and persistence he heads one of the largest nature conservation associations in Germany, the LBV. We take a look behind the scenes of environmental policy with a doer, travel to exemplary conservation projects, meet ornithologists all over the world and see the diverse bird life in the fascinating aesthetics of nature films. A lively bird show and also the portrait of a conservationist in times of great challenges.


Norbert Schäffer (LBV)


Screenplay, Director, Sound: Jörg Adolph
DoP: Daniel Schönauer
Editor: Anja Pohl
Additional Footage: H.M. Ringelstein, J. v. Ijken, D. Weiller and more
Editorial Commissioners: Simone Reuter, Petra Felber, Fatima Abdollahyan
Producer: Ingo Fliess
Assistant to the producer: Jonas Egert