The Girl with the Golden Hands



Munich International Film Festival 2021 (World Premiere)



East Germany, in autumn 1999. Gudrun Pfaff is about to turn sixty. Since her childhood in the local orphanage, Gudrun has shown unequalled devotion to her home town. At her party, Gudrun learns that the mayor intends to sell “her” orphanage to a Western German investor. Social-minded as Gudrun is toward outsiders, she is tough and demanding on her daughter, Lara. In the middle of the night, she confronts the mayor. Their differences, from personal experiences in the aftermath of German reunification, fuel a huge row. This culminates in Gudrun propositioning the mayor (who once showed an interest in Gudrun): sex in exchange for the orphanage. But the mayor is indignant. The townspeople, meanwhile, show nothing but contempt for her. They all want the new hotel. In the end, Lara and Gudruns husband Werner, and a final deed, are all that can help broken Gudrun.


Co-Production with mdr, arte, hr
Sales: Wildbuch Germany
Funded by Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, BKM und DFFF

Duration: 107min
Year: 2021

Original Title: Das Mädchen mit den goldenen Händen
French Title: La fille aux mains d’or


Corinna Harfouch
Birte Schnöink
Peter René Lüdicke
Jörg Schüttauf
Gabriela Maria Schmeide
Imogen Kogge
Stephan Bissmeier
Ulrike Krumbiegel
Franziska Ritter
Tora Augestad
Martin Baden


Writer & Director: Katharina Marie Schubert
Producer: Ingo Fliess
Editorial Commisioners: Meike Götz (mdr), Barbara Häbe (arte), Jörg Himstedt (hr)
Executive Producer: Richard Heinecke
DoP: Barbu Balasoiu
Sound: Johannes Doberenz
Set Design: Juliane Friedrich
Costume Design: Christian Röhrs
Make Up Artist: Anja Daum
Editor: Anja Pohl
Score: Marvin Miller