Game Over (WT)




GAME OVER (AT) is a feature documentary that follows young people on their way out of computer game addiction. A psychosomatic clinic moved into the former St. Vinzenz monastery in Dießen in 2018. Here, Bert te Wildt – a renowned expert in the field of media addiction – takes in young people who have lost themselves in the infinite expanses of the Internet, for whom life only takes place in front of the computer. As part of group psychotherapy and with the help of behavioral therapy approaches, they are helped to regain control over their media use in the idyllic surroundings of Dießen Monastery. We accompany Bert te Wildt and his dedicated team in the style of Direct Cinema in their work with the patients over a period of two months, through all the difficulties of therapy up to the transition to everyday life. And after two months, the final opponent awaits them: meritocracy and its often absurd demands.


Feature Documentary

Co-production with SWR

supported by the FFF



Bert te Wildt, Clinic Director
and much more.


Director: Jörg Adolph
Editor: Anja Pohl
Cinematography: Daniel Schönauer
Junior Producer: Jonas Egert
Line Producer: Luzie Lohmeyer
Producer: Ingo Fliess