Tackling Life

Adam, Nico and Su are members of Germany’s first gay rugby team, the Berlin Bruisers. Tackling Life portrays their everyday lives and follows them into the world of this dangerous niche sport, showing their struggle for recognition – in competition with the hetero regional league teams – as well as their community involvement: gathering money at colorful fundraisers and visiting schools to give anti-bullying workshops. Looking beyond the spectacular surface of self-presentation and cliché, we focus on how our trio copes with the challenges of everyday life – from self-realization to their search for belongingness. By alternating impressions of excessive, vibrant athletics with the quiet observation of its protagonists, the film is fragile and profound, but also spectacular and loud.




Co-production with BR, arte und der HFF München,
promoted by FFF Bayern




Written and directed by: Johannes List
Camera: Tim Kuhn, Eugen Gritschneder
Editorial staff: Burkhard Althoff