Co-Production with Mira Film (CH) und dem SRF

Funded by BKM, Film und Medienstiftung NRW, Bundesamt für Kultur (BAK), Zürcher Filmstiftung


I have only few memories of my childhood in Berne. These include the sad bears in the bear pit and the orange plaited sugar candies at the “Zwibelifest”. Then there are these pictures in black and white with strange people I can’t place. Especially one photo has occupied me for decades in which I pose as a toddler next to two blond, older children against a black background. Who were these two children? They belong to a time about which my mother has very little to say: her time as a “Gastarbeiterin” in Switzerland.


Vania A. (Charmain of UNIA)
Alvaro B. (Migrant, Director)
Catia P. (Photographer)
Marina F. (Psychologist, Author)
Hedi M. (Grandchild)
Bruno Senn (Founder of “Auto-Senn”)
Padre Antonio (Missione Cattolica Italiana)


Writer & Director: Miriam Pucitta
DoP: Carlotta Holy-Steinemann
Sound: Reto Stamm, Barnaby Hall, Markus Egglhof
Unit Manager (CH): Alexander Streb , Nives Staehelin
Light: Luciano Stoffella
Drone Operator: Giovanni Raiola, Carlotta Holy Steinemann
Producer: Ingo Fliess & Susanne Guggenberger
Assistant to the Producer: Alexander Streb & Jonas Egert
Redaktion: Urs Augsburger